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Trade counter changing to Fast Lane Collection Point

Trade counter changing to Fast Lane Collection Point

(By Readyfix, 12th September 2019)

As of 1st October 2019 the Trade Counter here at Readyfix will be changing from a Trade Counter to a collection point.

All orders will need to be pre ordered, and we will have these ready and waiting for you within 30 minutes. The Collection point will remain in the identical place to the current Trade Counter.

The Collection Point will open at 6.30am allowing you to get ahead with early morning starts, and we also offer FOC Same Day delivery into Preston, Manchester and Liverpool for orders placed by 10am. We are confident that we will be able to improve the Readyfix experience through this transition, and cut down the down time wasted by currently collecting from the trade counter (average 15-20 minutes)

This change aims to streamline and improve your customer experience. You can still pick up your essential site supplies by ringing your order through and we’ll have it ready for you in 30 minutes.

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Local construction supplier builds on expansion

(By Readyfix, 8th August 2019)

Preston-based family business Readyfix has experienced steady year on year growth and as a result have further invested in a second warehouse at their premises on Croft Street. The business, which employs 35 staff, added an extra 350 pallet spaces, equivalent to the size of a football pitch, allowing the 27-year-old firm to hold onto their ‘huge stocks’ promise as they continue to grow.

Started in 1992 by Richard Burwood, Readyfix supplies construction site materials, fixings and consumables to some of the country’s largest housebuilders and contractors as well as sub-contractors and independent tradespeople throughout the North of England. The company sets itself apart by offering impeccable customer service and next day/same day deliveries by their own drivers.

Managing Director Greig Burwood who runs the company with his father and four brothers added, “Our primary focus is to keep to our promises; prompt response, and on-site, on-time deliveries. We have an excellent team to enable us to do this and the warehouse extension is proof that we are willing to invest to make sure our customers continue to be fully supported and their needs met.”

The warehouse was under construction for six months with eight different local contractors working on the building.

Sales Director Mark Burwood commented, This new warehouse extension will enable us to offer an even better service throughout the North of England. We’re proud to serve the construction sector with our commitment to responsiveness. Our large inventory now allows us to deliver orders of stocked items even quicker to meet customer demand.



Sunshine on-site: How to keep your construction team safe this summer

(By Readyfix, 25th July 2019)

Do you have all the construction supplies for an efficient, productive summer on-site?

Here’s our top three suggestions to make sure tradespeople and construction workers stay safe and well in the sunshine.


Did you know outdoors workers including construction workers have the highest risk of developing skin cancer? When working in the sun (yes, even in the cloudy British weather) its important construction workers apply high factor SPF sunscreen to protect themselves against harmful UV rays. Sunscreen should be applied to all areas of the skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight and any area that is not covered by clothing such as the; face, ears, neck, arms, legs. It’s recommended that sunscreen be re-applied every 2-4 hours for continuous protection and to lower the risk of skin damage. We stock Deb Deflect waterproof sunscreen, which is available in 100ml or 1 litre.


Tinted Spectacles

Look cool, keep safe. Tinted eye spectacles not only conform with site safety regulation, they’re also ideal for protecting eyes from the glare of the sun. Eye protection also shields against flying debris and dust which are occupational hazards for construction workers. Wearing the right eye protection can increase productivity through enhancing the user’s vision and allowing them to see their surroundings more clearly and avoid accidents. Check out our bestselling grey tinted spectacles, they’re lightweight, anti-scratch, and comfortable; ideal for eye protection.



Working in the hot weather without a sip of water is in fact dangerous. Over exposure to heat and humidity can bring on a variety of dis-orders which can all be prevented by hydration. The human body produces sweat to cool itself down, building site workers can lose up to 1.5 litres of water an hour this way so it’s important to replace that fluid. What happens when someone is not properly hydrated? Dizziness, fatigue and in some cases loss of consciousness. The side effects of dehydration are not pleasant. Hydration experts recommend drinking every 15 to 20 minutes. Ensure your team have access to water and regularly encourage consumption throughout the day. Add water to your regular site supplies order.

Buy still water in a pack of 24 in bulk for convenience and always store water in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.



The task at hand

(By Readyfix, 30th April 2019)

You open your vehicle doors with them, they help you eat your favourite meals, and you use them to operate tools and other heavy machinery. So why wouldn’t you protect them?

There are no doubts about the dangers of working in construction, but there are often reports of hand injuries that could have been prevented by simply wearing gloves. Injuries include; cuts, burns, abrasions, infections, chemical contamination, and exposure to polarising temperatures.

Your hands affect the quality of your life and it’s easy to take them for granted, but it only takes one injury and that could put you out of work! Keep your hands protected with industry standard gloves!

At Readyfix, we stock a leading brand of safety gloves. TraffiGlove, suited for all types of construction work. TraffiGloves are unlike any other PPE gloves, the traffic light colour coded gloves are designed to be an easy visual cue on the level of cutting protection the user receives. TraffiGloves are made to accommodate various types of work. The TraffiGloves range includes; fingerless gloves, gloves suited for working in hot or cold conditions, varying lengths and many more.

As with everything that happens on site, site managers are responsible for the wellbeing of their workers, including their compliance in wearing PPE. So if you are a site manager make sure that your team always wear their correct PPE before entering the workplace and make regular inspections throughout the day. Construction/trade workers, please ensure that you’re compliant with the health and safety policies as your livelihood depends on it. The risks outweigh any “benefits”, save yourself and your workers the pain of visiting the emergency room and yourself the legal paperwork.

STOP, WARNING, GO! Use TraffiGloves.



Construction site start up made easy: What to consider when starting new sites!

(By Readyfix, 25th April 2019)

The start of any construction project is an immense task that requires extensive planning and preparation. Staying on budget and keeping to the project timeline is especially important for the construction industry.

It helps to know that you’re not alone, Readyfix works to ensure that your project from start to finish goes as smoothly as possible. We support you through our fast and reliable delivery service, led by our dedicated and expert team - who provide support throughout your journey.

We have created our site start up range for times when you need a comprehensive list of essential supplies. You can download our Ready-Site-Goform now.

Traffic management

The safety of your construction team and the public is paramount for all construction professionals. Unfortunately within the industry, ten people die each year due to being struck by vehicles on site (HSE, GOV). Sufficient and correct traffic management can prevent hundreds of accidents and injuries reported each year. Managing your site by enforcing traffic management and safety signage, you can smooth your working environment and avoid preventable accidents. Browse our traffic management range

Site welfare

By law, clients and contractors have a duty of care and responsibility to provide suitable welfare facilities for their teams on-site, by doing so, it can have a positive effect on the team morale and improve productivity. This extends but doesn’t limit to; catering equipment, cleaning essentials, and seasonal equipment (fans or heaters). Check out our site welfare equipment range

Material storage and waste management

Maintaining a good level of housekeeping is expected of all work environments. Construction sites specifically need to adhere to health and safety laws to avoid accidents. This can be done by managing waste removal and material storage correctly.

Tips for material storage include;

  • Designated storage areas for tools and equipment that do not block pedestrian routes or pose a safety risk (storing at heights).
  • Keeping the designated area tidy and removing any hazardous materials on the floor.

Tips for waste management;

  • Bins should be placed strategically where most waste will occur including canteens, workstations etc.
  • Regularly empty the bins and any hazardous material should be disposed of legally and in line with environmental laws.

You can browse our storage and bin rangeon our website.

If you need more information or to discuss your next site start up - call our dedicated expert customer service team today on: 01772 250060. Or email:


Three tips to help keep workers safe on construction sites!
(By Readyfix, 6th March 2019)

Construction sites are well regarded as one of the most dangerous working environments in the UK. In 2018 alone, there was an estimated 58,000 work-related cases of injury (HSE statistics, 2018). One injury is too many and in most cases these accidents could have been prevented with proper PPE and signage. Use these three helpful tips to keep your worksite safe.

Always wear the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Working on construction sites, it’s essential that workers wear the correct protective gear. This starts from and not just limited to; Helmets, Hi Vis clothing and ear defenders. PPE can make the difference between a near miss, injury or in some unfortunate cases - death.Make sure to routinely inspect your PPE for any damage, any PPE found to be unsuitable for use should be replaced as soon as possible.

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Safety signs are important

Next to PPE, safety signs are required provision for construction sites. Safety signs are cost effective solution to communicating potential dangers. It’s essential to highlight potential hazards to not only those on site but to the general public – safety signs are extremely essential to sites near populated areas as they can redirect pedestrians to a safer routes. Safety signs allows workers to practice situational awareness by ensuring they are keeping safety at the front their minds – ‘safety helmets must be worn in this area’.

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Fire systems can save lives

The risk of fire is amplified at construction sites due to different types of material stored/used, machinery and equipment used. It can take just a spark that can engulf a whole site and bring devastation, that is why extensive and calculated fire systems should be implemented to sites.Strategically placing fire extinguishers near where there is a risk of a fire is advised for example kitchens. Training your team on how to act in case of a fire can also save lives. Site managers need to inspect all fire alert systems are in good condition and ensure that exit signs are in clear view.

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